About - Jordan Schmelzer: Emmy award winning director and video editor in Columbus, Ohio


Jordan Schmelzer is an award winning filmmaker and creative with a passion for music, clever advertising, and originality. Also keen on pizza, sweets, and cold brew coffee.

Accomplished in most genres, Jordan has received numerous accolades for excellence in creative and technical precision, including two Emmy awards for best director and editor for We're The Shazzbots, a quirky program for kids and families.

Jordan has developed high-profile creative featuring celebrity talent such as Stephen Curry, Karlie Kloss, and Emily Ratajkowski. Jordan's resume also includes servicing major networks like ABC News, NBC News, and MSNBC as well as major corporate clients like Chipotle, Nationwide Insurance, White Castle, Victoria's Secret and Express.

Collectively, Jordan's work has been aired on national television, Times Square NYC billboards, and film festival theaters across the globe.

With an incessant drive for new experiences and creative exploration, Jordan is seeking directorial and editorial roles on commercials and music video projects. Please contact for availability.